How do I import my parents’ phone numbers and contact info?

Please read the Helpdesk article on: How do I import Parent/Guardian information?, and follow the directions for importing parent contact information. Specifically, to import parent/guardian information, you will need to:

  1. Create a copy of this template.
  2. Fill in your parent information into your copy of the template
    1. Student Email
    2. Parent Last Name
    3. Parent First Name
    4. Parent Email
    5. Parent Username
    6. Parent Cell Phone
      1. If your Student Information System has multiple phone numbers per parent or you don't have complete phone type (home, work, cell, etc) information, we recommend that you upload the primary / main phone number.
    7. Preferred Language (English, Spanish, Other)
      1. Parents will receive messages in English unless you provide Spanish as a parent’s Preferred Language. While we would like to eventually support other languages, messages are currently only available in English and Spanish.
  3. Save your edited spreadsheet with parent information in .csv or .xls/.xlsx file formats.
  4. Submit a help ticket (subject line: “Parent Contact Import”) with your spreadsheet file attached.

We will validate whether each phone number provided is a valid cell phone number. If it is, then we will start sending messages to that phone number once the Your Student Snapshot feature has been activated for your school 

If we are not able to validate the number, because it’s a wrong number or a landline, then that person will not receive SMS messages. Once you activate the feature, you will see all of your parent contacts and whether they are SMS Student Snapshot Active.



Please note that in 2016, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stated that schools are permitted to send communications that are closely related to the educational mission of the school or official school activities. Schools may only share parent contact information if doing so complies with their own policies and applicable law. Your school has shared your parents’ contact information with the Summit Learning Platform and activated the Your Student Snapshot feature to provide the text message service to your families and keep them informed about their children’s academic progress and coursework. Summit Learning will not sell or rent any personal information to any third party for any purpose – including for advertising and marketing purposes. Summit will not use the text messages for purposes that are not related to the educational mission of the school.

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