How do I turn on Your Student Snapshot? (for school admin only)

School administrators can turn on this feature in 4 simple clicks after September 3rd, 2018:

  1. Click Setup from the left menu
  2. Click Parents from the Index Page
  3. Click Edit Settings on the top right
  4. Click Activate



After you activate the feature, the Parents page in Setup will show a list of your parents of students with active Platform accounts and whether the Student Snapshot is active for each parent. The Student Snapshot will be active if 1) the parent has a valid cell phone number in the Platform and 2) the parent has not unsubscribed from the Student Snapshot.

Typically, parents will receive Student Snapshot, including the first introductory message, on weekdays in the afternoon or early evening. Once you turn on the feature, all parents with valid cell phone numbers in the Platform will automatically receive the introductory message on the same or next weekday.

Welcome to Your Student Snapshot from [your school’s name in the Platform]! To support [StudentFirstName1], we’ll text you about your child's coursework & progress with tips & questions to aid in supporting your student(s). Approx 2 messages/week/child. Msg&Data rates may apply. Text HELP to learn more. Text STOP to end msgs.

Therefore, we recommend performing this activation step on a Monday - Thursday so that families receive their first message on a school day and can contact the school with any questions. Please also note that the introductory message shares to your families that these are messages from your school.



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