Why should your school turn on Your Student Snapshot?

Research studies have shown automated, push communications improve student academic and behavioral outcomes. Specifically:

  • Texts to parents about missing assignments led to 1/3rd increase in letter grade (i.e., C+ to B-) and increased student attendance
  • Weekly texts with a one-sentence message about student schoolwork or behavior reduced # of students who failed to earn course credit by 41 percent (in credit recovery course)
  • Weekly texts with tips to parents on improving literacy skills improved literacy test results. 

We found that Your Student Snapshot:

1. Improved communication with your families
We piloted the feature in 12 schools in ‘17-18, and parents loved being more informed about their child’s academics. Parents shared that the text messages:

  • Provided a better and easier way to start a conversation with their child about school
  • Helped them be informed -- more easily -- about their child’s progress, especially when they have historically felt out-of-the-loop
  • Enabled them to more effectively help their child make good decisions about their schoolwork and stay on track

2. Helped families better support their children academically
Your Student Snapshot prompts parents to engage with their student about their academic coursework and progress so that they can better support their student and help improve student academic and behavioral outcomes

Here’s what parents are saying about it:

  • "I love love love [the texts]. I wish last year you would have had it. It was both of our first years...I was just totally lost.”
  • "It does foster a constructive dialogue about school, and it’s helpful to us to have specific things to ask [our son] about, as opposed to “hey how’s school going?”
  • "I want to make sure [my daughter]’s not taking shortcuts...[The texts alerted me] to some bad habits that she was maybe starting to form."
  • "I was excited about it because it's nice to get that kind of information right away, without waiting for an email, or sending an email, or waiting for the kids to tell me what's going on."


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