FAQs about Additional Focus Areas Grading

  1. Why did my student's grade drop when they didn't complete the additional focus areas?
    At the start of each school year, the platform will grant the 9% constituted by Additional Focus Areas to each students’ grade automatically. Over the course of the year, if students do
    not complete Additional Focus Areas on pace, the points will be removed from the students’ overall grade.

  2. My student's grade dropped by almost 10% in one day. Why?
    If any student does not complete his or her
    first AFA by the time the blue line crosses it on the year page, the platform will remove the 9 percentage points. This means that a student’s grade may drop by 9 percentage points on a single day, but will jump back up when he or she completes the missing AFA.

  3. Why did my student's grade drop on the last day of school?
    On the last day of the school year, if the final AFA is not completed,
    students will lose additional points out of their final overall grade. The number of points lost depends on the total number of AFAs in the course.
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