How do I set up semester/quarter long courses?

If your school does not follow the year-long schedule that is standard on the platform, we can change the year page so that it fits your semester or quarter schedule. 

1. School leaders will need to first copy the desired course. Retitle this course to distinguish it from the previous semester course. We suggest using an easy format such as "Course Name-Grade- Semester/Quarter- Year" (example Math 4-Spring 2019). 


2. After setting up the courses, you will need to submit a ticket to the Help Center. Included in this ticket, we will need a spreadsheet to show the course name, course ID, start date, and end date. See below for an example of what the spreadsheet should look like. 


You can find course IDs in the URL. Click into each course and the Course ID is the 6 digit sequence at the end of the URL. 

For example:
Course ID: 111111

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