When is a student able to access and complete their prep work?

Students will be prompted 24 hours before their check-in to complete their prep work. For students who have check-ins on Monday, they will be notified on the Friday before.

If a student is scheduled to have a check-in on that day, they will be immediately notified to prepare for their check-in.

Why isn’t my student receiving prep work? 

  • The check-in is scheduled on a non-instructional day. Please check your Platform Dates from Setup --> Platform Dates to see if this is the case. If so, please set your check-ins to be on or off on non-instructional days.
  • The student accidentally clicked out of the prep work. In this case, students can click the Pencil icon or the Arrow icon on the very right of the Week Page to access the prep work again.

  • Since the prep work is only prompted 24 hours before a check-in happens, it might not be time for the student to do the prep work yet.
  • The type of check-in may not have prep work. This should only happen if the check-in is the very first check in or if the Agenda type is Other.
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