How do parent academic SMS alerts work?

What are Parent Academic Alerts?

  • An optional Platform feature to support your families’ onboarding to Summit Learning and ongoing engagement with your school and their child’s academics
  • If you turn on this feature, the Platform will send automated text messages from your school to all of your parents in the Summit Learning Program about their child’s academic coursework and progress, as well as tips to support their child academically
  • Parents will receive about 2 text messages / week / child
  • Messages will be available in English and Spanish
  • Parents can opt out at any time by replying STOP

Why should our school turn on Parent Academic Alerts?

To improve communication with your families

  • We piloted the feature in 12 schools in 17-18, and parents loved being more informed about their child’s academics
  • Many families and teachers have requested push communications to make Summit Learning’s Platform data more accessible, clear, and actionable
  • This feature helps address one of Summit Learning families’ top concerns of lack of knowledge of what their child is learning and how they are doing academically, and aims to improve satisfaction with your school and Summit Learning 

To help your families better support their children

  • Parent Academic Alerts prompt parents to engage with their student about their academic coursework and progres, so that they can better support their student and help improve student academic and behavioral outcomes
  • Here’s what parents are saying about it:
    • "I love love love [the texts]. I wish last year you would have had it. It was both of our first years...I was just totally lost.”
    • "It does foster a constructive dialogue about school, and it’s helpful to us to have specific things to ask him about, as opposed to “hey how’s school going?”
    • "I want to make sure she's not taking shortcuts, taking all the steps...[The texts alerted me] to some bad habits that she was maybe starting to form."
    • "I was excited about it because it's nice to get that kind of information right away, without waiting for an email, or sending an email, or waiting for the kids to tell me what's going on."

What are the messages that my parents will receive?

Below is a summary of a sample messaging calendar; however, this is subject to change based on ongoing feedback and optimizations.


Message Topic

An Example

Weekly/Bi-weekly texts (based on student’s project calendar)

Upcoming projects due in the next week

Projects completed or overdue from previous week

Maureen has an english project and a history project due within a week. Ask if Maureen received teacher and/or peer feedback and what they said.

Harry completed his english project and history project this past week. Ask what cognitive skills Harry improved.

Monthly texts

Power focus area progress update on which courses on-track / behind

Tips on how to support student, especially in Summit Learning Program

Celebration of improvement in cognitive skills in courses, when applicable

Lily completed 5 Power Focus Areas (PFAs) this month, and is on track in English 10, Modern World 2 & behind in Chemsitry, Math II, and Spanish 2. Ask which focus areas Lily is prioritizing this week and why.

Ask Mary to show you how to use the Summit Learning Platform to understand Mary’s school experience. Login to learn more.

Eliza improved project scores in english and science last month. Congratulate your child & ask what Eliza did to improve!

Bi-monthly text

Summary of grades

Taylor currently has a B in English 10, A- in Modern World, B+ in Chemistry, C+ in Math II, A in Spanish 2. Log into Summit Learning Platform for more info:

Grades are not final until end of year. Ask how well he/she/they is/are meeting grade goals & why.

The messages are based on information that our research shows parents want and aim to prompt conversations between parents and students.

How do I turn on this feature?

  • The feature will be ready to launch by September 2018
  • Ask your mentor




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