How do I score End of Unit Assessments?

You can score Math Units once students have submitted their End-of-Unit Assessments:

  1. From the Math Unit page, click the Students tab
  2. In the box on the right under Overview, click Scoring to see which students have submitted (or resubmitted) their End-of-Unit Assessments. Alternatively, you can click on the End-of-Unit Assessment on the left, then look under Scoring in the box on the right
  3. Click on a student’s name to begin scoring each Math Concept for his/her End of Unit Assessment. Math Concepts will be listed on the right
  4. Click on a Math Concept to assign it a score, based on the accompanying rubric. To return to the list of Math Concepts, click the arrow  to the left of the name of the math concept
  5. Click Score Final Product. If you need a student to make changes to the Assessment, click Return for Revisions. The student will then need to resubmit the Final Product
  6. If multiple students have submitted their End-of-Unit Assessments, you'll be transitioned to the next student's Assessment as soon as you click Score Assessment
  7. Click ✕ in the upper right corner to return to the Math Unit page

If you’d like to score multiple End-of-Unit Assessments at a time, click View All Students to the right of the End-of-Unit Assessment.

Enter the Math Concept scores for each student, then click the Score Final Products button in the lower right corner to submit scores for multiple students at once.

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