How do I give students feedback on Cool-downs?

At Summit, we recognize the importance of formative assessment and we prioritize it throughout our curriculum. In math, the major avenue for formative assessment is daily cool-downs at the end of each lesson. These daily cool-downs replace checkpoint documents, which you'll see in other subjects and in previous iterations of the math curriculum.

Think of a math cool-down as an opportunity to give students feedback. The red/yellow/green tool associated with each cool-down is one tool, of many, for providing ongoing feedback to students. 

To provide feedback on a cool-down, use red/yellow/green to record and communicate progress towards the unit’s outcomes, as measured by cool-downs.

  • Green represents that the student has met the objectives as assessed by the cool-down.
  • Yellow represents that a student shows some errors or misconceptions on the cool-down.
  • Red represents that a student shows significant errors or misconceptions on the cool-down.


For more information on the Math curriculum, please look through this FAQ page!

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