Student Experience: Mentoring

Students will meet with their mentors regularly to discuss their progress and goals. Students can set goals using the Week page and see who their mentor is on their Progress page.

On the morning of the day before a student’s scheduled mentor check-in, the student will see a panel animate onto their screen when they first log in. This is the check-in prep, which is defined by the agenda type decided upon by their mentor.



When they first see the check-in prep, the student has the choice of completing it now or later. If they click to do it later, the check-in prep dismisses, and a megaphone appears on their Week & Year pages to finish the check-in prep.



At any time in the check-in prep, a student can collapse the check-in prep panel by clicking on the little arrow. This allows them to reference their Week tab, Year tab, and Progress tab to help fill out the check-in prep.

During their check-in, the student will follow along with the mentor, who helps the student reflect on the past week and works together with the student to set goals for the following week.

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