What's the difference between a Content Assessment and Diagnostic Assessment?


For each Focus Area, students will be able to take Content Assessments, as well as Diagnostic Assessments:

  • Content Assessments are graded assessments. A Content Assessment has 10 assessment questions, and the assessment questions will be randomly selected from a larger set of possible questions that you’ve added to each objective. Teachers must approve a student’s request to take a Content Assessment.
  • Diagnostic Assessments are practice tests. A Diagnostic Assessment has at least one diagnostic question, and the same questions will always appear in a diagnostic assessment. Students can take Diagnostic Assessments as often as they choose, without requesting approval from their teacher.   

Note: Content Assessments must have exactly 10 assessment questions, and each objective must have at least a diagnostic question. Diagnostic questions will never be included in a Content Assessment, and will instead be shown in the Diagnostic Assessment so that students can test their mastery.


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