Materials List for 2018-2019 Base Curriculum

Many of the Projects in the 2018-2019 Base Curriculum require additional materials that you will need to budget for and order.

What: Certain projects for core subjects and math units require additional materials. Once you've planned your projects and units, use this list as a guide for what supplies to order. This spreadsheet provides a comprehensive list of lab supplies, required texts, alternative texts, as well as suggestions for where you may find these materials. You can also find information on required materials on the bottom of the "Teacher Info" box under "Teacher Materials" in the Project's page.

When: You should not order materials until you have finalized your Course Map for the 2018-19 school year, which will most likely be after Summer Training.

Note: The list of materials is a GUIDE. Teachers should not order materials without finalizing curriculum. Some lists include more than the required number of supplies so please plan carefully. 




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