How do I assign Resources and Activities to students from the Plans tab (math)?

Teachers can tag Activities and Resources for specific groups of students created in the Learners tab. These scaffolds or challenges can then be assigned specifically to these groups of students directly from the Plans tab.

Note that resource tags can only be added by Curriculum Authors. 

To tag an Activity or Resource for a specific group:


  1. Click Edit Math Unit
  2. Select Activities and Resources from the left menu
  3. Click on the title of the Activity or Resource
  4. Click Add a Tag under Who Gets This Activity/Resource?
  5. Select your tag and Add, then Close

To assign an Activity or Resource to a group of students:

  1. Navigate to the Math Unit's Plans tab
  2. Activities and Resources with tags will have a hand symbol  
  3. Click Assign to the right of the Activity or Resource title
  4. If a Learner's group exists for the tag, those students will be assigned by default. You can customize the assignment by checking the boxes next to student names
  5. Click Save
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