How do I use the Learners tab to personalize Math Units?

From any Math Unit page, you teach, you can click on Learners to group your students by their previous cognitive skill and focus area data.

To access the Learners tab:

  1. Go to a Math Unit that you teach
  2. Click Learners to the right of the Plans tab

Note that even though you see Math Concepts, the Platform says Cognitive Skills

You can either Start from scratch or Start from suggestions. Starting from scratch will allow you to create your own groupings. Starting from our suggestions will group your students by their historical data. You can always customize our groupings after the fact!

You'll then be able to use these groupings while assigning work in the Plans tab.

Focus Areas

For each focus area associated with a Math Unit, you'll see:

  • Passing rate
  • Histograms grouping students by passing rate
    • Red: Not passing
    • Green: Passing

Suggested groupings are determined by the passing rate data above.

  • Red: students that have attempted and "Struggle with" the focus area
  • Yellow: students that have almost mastered and "Are on track for" the focus area
  • Green: students that have mastered and "Are on track for" the focus area

Foundational Skills

You can also group your students by the following Foundational Skills:

  • Language
  • Numeracy
  • Reading
  • Self-Direction
  • Writing

When you're finished viewing student data on the Learners tab, click Assign Math Unit in the upper right corner to begin assigning checkpoints, activities, and resources to your students. You'll be able to see the same Math Unit student data during Math Unit assignment. Students will be grouped by Math Concept scores, allowing you to either Assign Group or Unassign Group for different groups of students by Math Concept scores. Learn more about assigning Math Units.

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