How do I edit Content Assessment and Diagnostic Assessment questions?

To edit an existing content assessment or diagnostic assessment question:


  1. Within the Focus Area, click on the question you want to edit under the Objective's Questions section.
  2. From there, you will have a few options:
    • Delete the question
    • Copy the question to preserve the current question and allow you to edit a copy of it
    • Move To..., which will allow you to move the question to another objective within the focus area
    • Report the question if you feel like the question is incorrectirrelevant, or missing resources
    • Change the question from a Diagnostic Question to an Assessment Question or vice vera
    • Edit the question to change the question itself, the offered answers, or to edit or add supporting resources such as pictures to the question.
  3. Once you're done modifying the question, click Save Changes

Note that if the Focus Area is shared between multiple teachers and courses, the edits will be reflected in all teachers' Focus Areas. Learn more about customizing your content assessments by creating new content assessment questions.

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