Editing Math Units

This article will cover how to assign and modify Math Units: 

How do I edit Math Units?

Once you've created a Math Unit, you can edit the Math Unit and add an End-of-Unit Assessment, concept lessons, activities, and resources. From the Math Unit page, click Edit Math Unit to make changes to the following sections:

Math Unit Info

  • Unit Name: Edit the name of the Math Unit.
  • Courses: Enter the name of the course(s) you’d like the Math Unit to belong to. A Math Unit can be in multiple courses.
  • Math Unit Info: You can change the Essential QuestionEnduring Understanding, and the Description of the Math Unit. You can also view the Foundations Supports and Modifications provided by the Curriculum Team.
  • Decide whether you'd like the Math Unit to be supplementary by checking the Supplementary Math Unit checkbox. Supplementary Math Units can be added to Courses toward the end of the year for Math Units that will be completed after school has already ended.
  • Decide whether you'd like to allow teachers from other schools and districts to use this Math Unit by checking the Curriculum Sharing checkbox. Learn more about sharing your curriculum.

End-of-Unit Assessment

  • Add Math Concepts to your Math Unit where it says, "The end-of-unit assessment will be assessed on:". You can click View Rubric to see the rubrics for the Concepts associated with the Unit. Math Units can also be assessed on the Portfolio Problem Rubric.
  • End-of-Unit Assessment: Click on the titles of the End-of-Unit Assessments to edit the details related to each End-of-Unit Assessment. You can also add your own by selecting Add End-of-Unit Assessment. Type the title and a description of the End-of-Unit Assessment you will assess at the end of the Math Unit. You should attach a default template file for the End-of-Unit Assessment. When assigned to students, each student will receive their own editable copy of this template and submit the Math Unit via the Summit Learning Platform. You can attach a blank Notebook or upload an existing document from your Google Drive or OneDrive. Click Save.

Learn more about adding End-of-Unit Assessments to Math Units.

Math Unit Plan

  • Cool-downs: You can view all the Cool-downs for the Math Unit here. To add your own, click Add. Cool-down. Type the title and any relevant details for the work you want students to get feedback on before completing the End-of-Unit Assessment. You can attach a blank Notebook or upload an existing document from your Google Drive or OneDrive. Additionally, you can check the boxes next to any of the relevant Math Concepts you added to the End-of-Unit Assessment for this particular cooldown. Click Save.
  • Activities and Resources: You can view the Activities and Resources that are under each cooldown and add your own.  Click Add Activity or Add Resource under the relevant cooldown. Type the title and any relevant details for your Activities and Resources. You can attach a blank Notebook or copy an existing document from your Google Drive or OneDrive. For resources, you can also include links to websites or videos.

Learn more about adding Cool-downs, activities, and resources to Math Units.

Focus Areas

  • In order to add Focus Areas to the Math Unit, you must first add the Math Unit to a course (see the Math Unit Info section above).
  • If the Math Unit already belongs to a course, you’ll see the Focus Areas that are in that course. Check the boxes next to the Focus Areas that are relevant to the Math Unit.

Teaching Materials

  • Pacing: Type the amount of time it'll take to complete the Math Unit.
  • Materials: The supply list for the Math Unit. Click Add to upload your own list of supplies from your Google Drive. Keep in mind that if you change this file in your Google Drive later, you'll have to re-upload it for others to see the changes.
  • Standards: The standards that the Math Unit covers.

When you’re finished editing the Math Unit, click Save and Close to exit.

Keep in mind that the Math Unit will not save automatically while you are editing each section. You can see what time the Math Unit was last saved at the bottom of the page.

Important Note: Once you edit a Math Unit, you will not be able to accept updates to the Math Unit from the Base Curriculum without overriding your edits. In order to both preserve your edits and accept updates, you will have to manually update the Math Unit by editing it to mirror the changes made in the Base Curriculum.

How do I add End-of-Unit Assessments to a Math Unit?

Please note: Learnosity End-of-Unit Assessments are provided by a third party and cannot be edited. To add an editable version of these assessments, you can use the included PDF version and upload it as an alternative End-of-Unit Assessment using the process below.

To add an End-of-Unit Assessment to a Math Unit:

  1. From the Math Unit page, click Edit Math Unit.
  2. Click End-of-Unit Assessment, then click add_circle-24px.svg Add End-of-Unit Assessment.
  3. Enter the title and any details for the End-of-Unit Assessment.
  4. Indicate whether students will submit a Notebook, Weblink (ex: websites, videos), or Nothing.
  5. If students will submit a Notebook, you'll need to indicate whether students will be given a blank doc, presentation, or spreadsheet, or if you'll be providing a custom template. If you provide a custom template, students will receive their own copy of the template to submit via the Summit Learning platform. You can also choose to upload a document from your Google Drive or OneDrive.
  6. Select which Math Concepts you'd like to assess in this End-of-Unit Assessment. You can add descriptions for the Math Concepts.
  7. Add any teaching materials you'd like other teachers to be able to view.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Save and Close to finish editing the Math Unit.

How do I delete End-of-Unit Assessments from a Math Unit?

To delete an End-of-Unit-Assessment from a Math Unit:

  1. From the Math Unit page, click Edit Math Unit.
  2. Click End-of-Unit-Assessment, then click into the End-of-Unit-Assessment.
  3. Scroll down and click the trash can icon to delete the End-of-Unit-Assessment.

*If the End-of-Unit-Assessment has already been assigned to your students, you will first need to unassign it. If you delete a previously-assigned End-of-Unit Assessment, your students will no longer be able to see or work in the End-of-Unit-Assessment.

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