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What is the Resource Bank?

The bank is a curated selection of research-based resources that teachers can reference as they consider methods for increasing access to classroom content for all students--including English learners, students with disabilities enumerated in an IEP or 504 Plan, or any student with Foundations skill gaps. The bank is particularly intended as an inventory where teachers can select scaffolds for use during Projects and Math Units.

The bank is useful for anyone working directly with students, or those who support instructional staff. Although the bank is primarily intended to serve the needs of students who are significantly behind grade level in literacy or numeracy, English learners, and students receiving special education services, it contains tools that can be useful with a broad array of learners.

How is the Resource Bank organized?

A Scaffold Decision Template following the “know your task--know your learner--choose your scaffold” format is linked at the top of the bank, which can be copied and completed in order to choose an appropriate scaffold aligned to the needs of a student and the demands of a specific classroom task.

Below the template, the bank is organized in three columns:

  • Column One: The list of classrooms tasks with which bank resources are aligned:

    • Reading Tasks

    • Writing Tasks

    • Listening and Speaking Tasks

    • Math Tasks

    • Self-Direction/Test-Taking tasks

  • Column Two: General teacher moves and guiding questions designed to increase curricular access for all learners. Teachers should consider utilizing these best practices during instruction directed at all students in order to create a maximally accessible classroom with the fewest possible learning barriers.

  • Column Three: Directions and resources on specific tools that can be used to scaffold curricular access particularly for students with Foundations needs. These resources are often chosen individually as targeted supports for specific students using the process highlighted in the Scaffold Decision Template.


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