Math Unit Pages


Each Math Unit page has the following information

  • Essential Question: Key questions that students are answering or exploring within the Project
  • Enduring Understanding: Key insights from the Project, which generally apply to multiple topics and situations
  • Description: Background on the Project and a general overview of what the student will be doing throughout the Project
  • Math Concepts: The skills that the Project assesses. These skills come from the Cognitive Skills Rubric, a collection of 36 higher-order thinking skills that are geared towards readiness for college, career, and life 
  • Focus Areas: The Focus Areas with the Content Knowledge a student needs in order to be successful on the Project
  • Standards: Each Math Unit is Common Core aligned
  • End of Unit Assessment: Students take the assessment during the last period of the unit and can take alternate versions later to improve their scores.
  • Concept Lessons/Checkpoints: Students learn math in concept lessons by doing math problems, often collaboratively and facilitated by the teacher through a Launch-Work-Wrap Approach. Students practice using procedures through exercises, or exercise sets, during SDL or for homework. Skills are spaced out over time and intermixed.
  • Teacher Info: Covers pacing, standards, required materials, adaptations, and modifications
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