School Data Dashboard Overview

The School Data Dashboard was redesigned so that important metrics stand out and are easier to access. These updates—which include updated colors, elevated metrics, and simpler navigation—make it easier for you to get the data you need to make informed decisions around coaching and supporting teachers. To learn more about the definitions of each metric, please see Glossary and suggestions to try for the School Data Dashboard

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What is each section of the School Data Dashboard? 

Student Outcomes 


The Student Outcomes section gives you a high-level view of how your school is doing in the most important categories. You can hover over any metric to see the number of students and the percentage value for each respective category.

Implementation Progress 


The Implementation Progress section provides you with more detail on specific instructional actions. You can click "View Details" to get more information such as data by teacher, course, or student.  

Student Outcomes Over Time

The Student Outcomes Over Time dashboard helps you see school data over the course of the year. From the top right, you can filter the data (by Course Incompletes, Power Focus Areas, Projects, Cognitive Skills/Math Units) so that you can view trends for those specific metrics. You can hover over past dates to see historical data. 

How do I get to the School Data Dashboard?

To get to the Student Outcomes dashboard:

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Educator Tools
  2. Select School Data
  3. If you land on the Launch Metrics Dashboard, click School State Dashboard from the dropdown

How often is the dashboard updated?

The dashboard is updated daily and therefore meant to show a day-by-day view of your school’s metrics. You can see the last updated time directly on the School Data Dashboard page.
Note: If you notice differences between the data shown in the dashboard and other areas of the platform, this is likely due to the dashboard’s daily sync versus the other areas of the platform that live update. 


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