School Data Dashboard

Site Overview

This page is meant to show the overall health of the school based on Summit Learning metrics. It shows how many students have 0, 1, 2-3, and 4+ incompletes in their courses as well as similar breakdowns for focus areas behind, projects turned in, and cog skill/Math Unit scores.


Content Tab

This tab shows you data about how content/focus areas are doing at your school. It shows you the percentage of students at your school who have attempted a focus area in the last two weeks, the percentage of students who are fewer than 3 PFAs behind. The Usage/Projects tabs show similar information, but relevant to projects or whether or not teachers/students are using the platform.


Grade Level Overview

This page breaks down data by grade level so a user can see trends between grade levels. It shows how many students have 0, 1, 2-3, 4+ incompletes, and also what percentage of students are on track in focus areas, have no overdue projects, have passing cog skill/concept scores.


Mentor Overview

This is the same as the grade level table, but instead groups students by who their mentor is, so a user can see trends between different mentor groups. There’s also a similar page broken down by teacher, where each row would be the students in a teacher’s class rather than students that a teacher mentors.


Grade Level Details

This gives more details about a specific grade level. You can see breakdowns of how students are doing on focus areas and projects/math units. If you click into one of the boxes you can see a list of students who fall into each category.



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