Year Page Improvements Preview

Year Page Improvements

We’ve received a lot of feedback about how the year page could be more useful and will be releasing three updates in response to this.

  1. Better visibility of Project status
  2. Widening the year page
  3. Showing additional information on hover

All of these changes will be rolling out to your school on Monday January 15th. Your mentor will be able to answer any questions or concerns you have before then.

Better visibility of Project status

We’ve heard that Projects turning green when they have scored means that students and parents might mistake that for earning high scores on the Project and not dig deeper.  With this in mind, we will be updating the way Projects display their status.

If all of the skills are scored at or above the grade level expectation, the Project will turn green. Otherwise, the Project will turn orange. A student can then hover over the Project to see why it is orange. If those skills are scored in a subsequent Project at or above the grade level expectation, the first Project will switch from orange to green.

Widening the year page

For many students using laptops with small screens, they can’t read many of the focus area or Project titles because they get cut off. To address this, we’re increasing the width of the year page.

Students will be able to scroll left and right to access Projects and focus areas at the beginning of the year or much later into the year. To make this easier for students, the page will automatically scroll to where the line is.

Showing additional information on hover

Students sometimes have trouble identifying which Projects and focus areas are related to one another from the year page view. Students have also requested the ability to see additional information about their status on each Project or focus area, such as:


  • Which checkpoints they have finished
  • When the Project is due
  • Which cognitive skills a student has successfully shown on each Project
  • Whether a Project has been submitted and is waiting to be scored
  • What score the student earned on each focus area


To address these issues, we are introducing a new ‘hover state’ to the year page. We hope that this additional information will allow students to make informed choices about how to spend their platform time wisely and effectively.


When a student hovers his or her mouse over a Project on the year page, he or she will see additional information about his or her status on that Project, as well as which cognitive skills are assessed. Additionally, all focus areas that are directly related to that Project will be gently highlighted, regardless of where they appear on the timeline:

A student will see similar information when hovering over any focus area.


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