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What are real-time notifications?

Real-time notifications provide teachers and soon students with instant updates whenever teachers or students take actions that the recipient should know about.  The feature lives in the lower left of the screen alongside the avatar image. This feature was launched to teachers in January and we plan to roll it out to all Summit students in February and all program school students soon after.

What notifications are now supported for students?

Students can receive real-time notifications when teachers score Projects or provide checkpoint feedback, when teachers approve, deny or invalidate assessments, when mentors write notes on their progress page or when other students send them thanks.

How do notifications get marked as read?

Notifications can be marked as read by clicking on the blue circle to the right of the notification or by just clicking on the notification.  This will update the notification count in the lower left. If you click on checkpoints with new requests on the Project page, the notification will automatically be marked as read so you don't need to mark it as read again.  If you give feedback on a checkpoint or score a Project, the notification will be automatically hidden since you don't need to see requests you’ve already taken action on. When a notification is marked as read, it's still available in the Seen Notifications section at the bottom of the notification list.  Notifications are automatically deleted after 10 days.

Do notifications get deleted when they’ve been acted on?

Students will always have a log of notifications actions, even when they’ve already acted on the notification. So if a teacher approves an assessment, the read notification will still be visible.  For teachers, we remove notifications that have been acted on since teachers have a much larger number of notifications to sort through. For example, if a student requests feedback and you provide feedback, we no longer show the students notification.

Do notifications stay up-to-date between tabs?

Yes, if you receive new notifications or mark notifications as read or unread, this will be reflected in all tabs instantly, so you should always see the same unread notifications on every page.

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