Mentoring feature preview

This feature will be launched in the 2018 - 2019 School Year.


When you log into the Summit Learning Platform, you will see a tab on the left-hand side that says "Mentoring." From here, you'll be able to create mentor sections, add students, and conduct check-ins with your mentees.

How do I create Mentor Sections?

You can learn more about creating Mentor Sections here. After creating a section, you can either invite your students to join or send them a sign-up code.

How do I set up my meeting schedule with my Mentee?


Once you've created your Mentor Section and successfully added your Mentees, go to the Mentoring tab. You will now be prompted to set up your meeting schedule with your Mentee:

  1. Under Check-Ins, click on Set Up Schedule.
  2. Select the day of the week you will most often meet with students and then click Next.
    1. You will be able to customize this by a student after you finish the initial setup.
  3. Select the frequency with which you'll meet with your students (weekly or bi-weekly) and then click Next.
  4. You're all done! If you want to customize the schedule by a student, click on Settings in the upper right-hand corner and you will be able to set the individual schedule for each of your Mentees.

How do I reschedule a meeting with my Mentee?

Sometimes you will need to reschedule or skip your scheduled check-ins.

  1. Under Check-Ins, select your Student.
  2. Click the Date Dropdown in the right-hand corner of your upcoming check-in.
  3. From there, you can select a New Date to reschedule just this individual check-in or all upcoming check-ins.

How do I select the agenda for my Check-Ins?


The Summit Learning Platform will auto-populate you and your Mentee's check-in agenda based on the time of year and frequency with which you are meeting.

To customize which agendas you use with your Mentee during your check-ins, you have two options:

Customizing General Agendas

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Select Agendas and then update which agendas you would like to use via the On or Off buttons.
  3. Click Done.

Customizing the Upcoming Week Agenda

  1. Click on Check-Ins and then select the Student with which you will checking in.
  2. Select the Dropdown under the student's name, which shows the scheduled agenda (e.g. "Progress" , "Connecting" , etc.)
  3. Select the Agenda you would like to use that week.
    1. You can preview the agenda ahead of time by clicking Preview under the Agenda.

Important: You should select the agenda at least two days of advance of your scheduled check-in, because your Mentee will receive the agenda the day before.

How does my Mentee prepare for their Check-In?

On the morning of the day before a student’s scheduled check-in, they will see a panel animate onto their screen when they first login. The check-in prep is defined by the agenda type.


When they first see the check-in prep, the student has the choice of completing it now or later. If they click to do it later, the check-in prep dismisses and a megaphone appears on their week & year pages to finish the check-in prep.

At any time in the check-in prep, a student can collapse the check-in prep panel by clicking on the little arrow. This gives them the ability to reference their week tab, year tab, and progress tab to help fill out the check-in prep.

How does my Check-In with my Mentee work?

When you are ready to Check-In with your Mentee:

  1. Click on Check-Ins and then select the Student with which you will be checking in.
  2. Click the Check-In button underneath their name.
  3. This will cause a side pop-up to appear with your agenda. You will see:
    1. A timer
    2. Suggested questions or tasks for you to complete in order to deeply engage your student
    3. Your Mentee's pre-submitted responses to the check-in agenda.
  4. This side pop-up will stay up until you click Finish Check-In. You can minimize it by clicking on the arrow on its left side.
    1. Screen_Shot_2018-06-04_at_4.40.04_PM.png 
    2. The benefit of this pop-up is that you can go to your student's ProgressWeek, or Year page during your Check-In in order to set goals and review progress.
  5. When you have finished your Check-In, click Finish Check-In.

How do I review past Check-Ins with my Mentees?

  1. Click on Check-Ins and then select the Student.
  2. Find the Check-In you'd like to review and click on View Check-In.





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