Learning Strategies Overview

The Summit Learning Platform maintains a library of learning strategies that is accessible both to students and to teachers. The learning strategy library is designed to support teachers and to be used in conjunction with existing materials that teachers may have designed or curated to teach learning strategies in their classrooms.

Teachers can find Learning Strategies under the Educator Tools section of their left menu. Students can find learning strategies under the Resources tab.

For Teachers:

  • The strategy library contains templates that teachers can use or print out, examples of student work, and videos that may be shown to classes or to individual students. Teachers can also recommend that their classes (or certain students) visit certain strategy pages.
  • To point a student to a strategy page, a teacher can share the link to a strategy page directly, or point a student to the page in the student’s ‘resource tab.’

For Students:

  • The strategy library is a resource that can be accessed directly on their own at any time during self-directed learning time.

The growing library of learning strategies was selected from conversations with and surveys of educators and from educational research reviews. The library includes useful strategies such as:

  • Taking Cornell Notes
  • Conquering Test Anxiety
  • When and How to Ask a Teacher for Help
  • Studying with a Friend
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Taking Notes from Videos
  • How to Use Practice Testing
  • Using Graphic Organizers
  • Using the Process of Elimination
  • ...and more 

Learning strategies are organized by their usage. There are ‘planning’ strategies, ‘studying/note-taking’ strategies, ‘review and preparation’ strategies, and ‘testing’ strategies. More strategies will be added over time.

Each learning strategy has its own page on the platform, which contains:

  • Examples of student work
  • Videos to explain or demonstrate the strategy
  • Printable Templates (when relevant)
  • A thorough student-facing explanation of:
    • what the strategy is
    • when to use it
    • why it works
    • advanced tips for using the strategy
    • the relevant research underlying the strategy 

Adding Strategies to Goals 

Students can add strategies to their Focus Areas goals. These goals will be visible to teachers during the assessment approval process.

For students to add strategies to goals:

  1. On the Week page or Focus Area and Project pages, create a new goal
  2. Select a goal type (e.g. "Take Notes")
  3. Select a Learning Strategy to add to the goal
    • Students can learn more about strategies by clicking the  icon on each strategy and selecting the "Go to..." link
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