Mentoring Overview

1:1 Mentoring is one of the important pillars of Summit Learning. We know how important it is for children to be truly connected with and cared for by the adults at their school. Through Summit Learning, all students are paired with a mentor who acts as their advocate both inside and outside of the classroom.

A mentor can be a teacher, a school leader, or other administrators at a student’s school. Mentors meet with their students 1:1 regularly and use the Mentoring page in the Platform to support their students in their progress towards their short-term and long-term academic and personal goals.

Within the Mentoring page, mentors can:

  • Schedule regular check-in meetings
  • Set a check-in agenda
  • Follow up on student goals
  • Take notes
  • Leave notes for students or for themselves about the students
  • Review past check-ins

Watch this video to see Mentoring In Action.

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