Mentor Check-ins

This article will cover how teachers can check in with mentees. If you need to adjust your Mentor Check-in schedule, please see How do I create and adjust my Mentoring Schedule?. 

How do I check-in with my mentee? 

  1. From the Mentoring page, click on the mentee's name
  2. From the mentee's page, click the Start button

  3. The check-in agenda will open from the right side of the page. You will see:
    • A timer
    • Suggested questions or tasks for you to complete in order to deeply engage your student
    • Your Mentee's pre-submitted responses to the check-in agenda
    • A place to take notes, which can be shared with the student or kept private from the student
  4. The check-in side panel will stay up until you click Finish Check-In. You can minimize the agenda by clicking on the arrow on the left
  5. When you've finished your check-In, click Finish Check-In

Click here to learn about how you can use the Progress page during your check-ins. 

How do I record a past check-in?

After you've finished your first set of mentoring and can view the Week and 2 Weeks view, you can record past or offline check-ins.

  1. Find the date of the past or offline check-in.
  2. Click on Record Check-In.
  3. Fill in the name of the student, date of the past or offline check-in, and the duration of the check-in.
  4. Optionally, write notes to record the check-in and select whether you would like to share the note with your mentee.
  5.  Click Save.

How does my mentee prepare for their check-in?

Students will see a banner on their Week and Year pages reminding them to prepare for their Mentoring check-in. Check-in pre-work is always editable by students by click back into the pre-work using the edit pencil icon on the Mentoring banner.


If a student is scheduled to have a check-in on that day, they will be immediately notified to prepare for their check-in by completing the pre-work, if applicable.

To complete their check-in pre-work, students will:

  1. Navigate to the Week page or Year page.
  2. Click Begin Check-In Pre-Work from the blue mentoring banner.
  3. A panel will slide out from the right side of the screen with a series of questions to prepare for the mentoring check-in.
  4. Click Done to complete the mentor check-in pre-work. 


How can I access my mentee's check-in pre-work?

Prior to each mentoring check-in, students prepare for sessions by completing pre-work within the platform. Check-in pre-work is always editable by students up until the time of the check-in and is viewable by all of their teachers and mentor. Students are not able to access their pre-work after they complete the check-in.

To access your mentee’s check-in pre-work,

  1. From the Mentor page, click on the mentee’s name
  2. From the mentee’s page, you can view the mentee’s responses to the pre-work on the right-hand side


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