How do I Check-In with my Mentee?

  1. Click on the mentee's name, then click Start
  2. Click the Check-In button underneath their name
  3. This will cause a side pop-up to appear with your agenda. You will see:
    -A timer
    -Suggested questions or tasks for you to complete in order to deeply engage your student
    -Your Mentee's pre-submitted responses to the check-in agenda
    -A place to take notes, which can be shared with the student or kept private
  4. The check-in side panel will stay up until you click Finish Check-In. You can minimize it by clicking on the arrow on its left side
    The side panel allows you to go to your student's ProgressWeek, or Year page while still  viewing the agenda
  5. When you have finished your Check-In, click Finish Check-In

Click here to learn about how you can use the Progress page during your check ins. 

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