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In response to teacher feedback on Projects, the Summit Learning Platform team made changes to Projects for the 2018-19 school year. We made these changes with the following goals:

  1. To pull in information from the project guides into the platform
  2. To create a more structured system to organize scaffolds and know who they are for
  3. To make it easier for teachers to plan their day to day facilitation

What is staying the same:

  1. Project Materials: Access to a robust Project overview and materials for each checkpoint
  2. Structure: Checkpoints are where you get formative feedback. Final Products are where you get a summative score.

What is new:

  1. Visual - the layout might feel different after a small visual refresh happening concurrently
  2. More information will be available in the Project overview and Final Product (previously in project guides)
  3. Checkpoints & universal materials will be easier to assign to all students at once
  4. It will be easier to assign scaffolds to the students that actually need them
  5. The Base Curriculum Projects will provide daily (editable) agendas that are in the platform

Digging into some of the changes, we'll go over updates to the Project Overview and Checkpoint Materials, and introduce you to Daily Agendas.

Project Overview

Project Overview contains helpful information previously in project guide. Students will also see the Project Overview in their Projects. Checkpoints are under the Project overview and show all the materials needed to teach that checkpoint. Final Product shows the outcome of the project and shows student samples


Checkpoint Materials

When you click on a checkpoint, the first thing you see is the checkpoint overview, this is the list of materials needed for the Project, divided by resources for everyone, and materials for specific student needs (resources will soon by tagged with skills and levels they are supporting)


Daily Agendas

We will provide sample agendas for a Base Curriculum course (that can be edited). You can use these to create daily action plans to work towards any checkpoint.Plans.png

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