Accessibility Resource Bank


What is the Resource Bank?
The Resource Bank is a curated selection of research-based resources that teachers can use to scaffold access to classroom tasks for all learners—especially those with Foundations needs.

The bank is useful for anyone working directly with students, or those who support instructional staff. Although the Resource Bank is primarily intended to serve the needs of students who are significantly behind grade level in literacy or numeracy, English learners, and students receiving special education services, it contains tools that can be useful with a broad array of learners.

How can I find the Resource Bank?
Teachers, school leaders, and curriculum designers can find the Accessibility Resource Bank in the platform:

1. Click Educator Tools from the left navigation menu
2. Select
 Accessibility Resource Bank from the index page

How is the Resource Bank organized?
The Resource Bank is organized into 6 categories:

  • How to Use the Bank
  • Reading Resources
  • Writing Resources
  • Language Resources
  • Math Resources
  • Self-Directed Learning Resources

Each category contains 6 resource tiles containing information, strategies, and tools for a specific type of Foundations support. Each tile is organized by "What", "When", "How", and "Why" tabs. The "What" tab summarizes the resource, the "When" tab describes when to use it and the type of student to use it with, the "Why" tab describes why the resource is effective and includes citations, and the "How" tab contains actionable implementation directions and information. You will find linked resources, videos, and visual examples on the right side of the page.

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