How do Summit Learning and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative partner together?

Gradient Learning, which oversees the Summit Learning program, and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) work together across a variety of areas.

Educators at Summit Learning run the Summit Learning program. Its team—largely made up of former teachers, school leaders and coaches—brings a deep expertise in education, including curriculum writing, educator coaching, and professional development.

CZI’s role in the partnership is threefold:

  • Experts in learning science and human development at CZI work closely with staff at Summit Learning to ensure the educational approach and resources are supported by the latest in human development and learning science.
  • CZI’s technology team leads the ongoing development and improvement of the Summit Learning Platform, working as a technical service provider for Summit Learning to ensure the platform experience supports classroom needs.
  • CZI provides grants to Gradient Learning to help them provide Summit Learning program free to schools across America.
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