How does Summit Learning communicate with families?

When schools create a Summit Learning Platform account for parents, they do so using parent email addresses. Summit Learning may contact parents using via email with updates about the Summit Learning Program. For example, notifying them of privacy or security updates.

Some schools have opted to allow Summit Learning to send automated text messages to parents/guardians at the direction of the school and for educational purposes. These messages provide information about their student's coursework and academic progress, as well as tips to support their student academically. These messages—sent on average twice per week—are available in English or Spanish. In schools that implement this text messaging program, parents/guardians are automatically enrolled (if they have given their phone number to their student’s school), but they can opt out at any time.

Schools want ways to communicate directly with parents/guardians and give them actionable information to support their student. For example, messages alert families to upcoming deadlines and provide information about whether students are on track in their courses. Research shows that sending automated text messages to parents/guardians can lead to increased grades, attendance, and test results.

To learn more about the research supporting frequent messages to parents/guardians, please read: The Underutilized Potential of Teacher-to-Parent Communication: Evidence from a Field Experiment

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