What student information is stored in the Summit Learning Platform?

The types of student information contained in the Summit Learning Platform are described in Summit Learning’s Privacy Policy. These types of information include information provided by schools to establish student accounts and information students, teachers and parents create as they engage and use the Summit Learning Platform.

  1. To allow students to use the Summit Learning Platform, schools provide us with student information, including name, email address, teacher / classroom, course enrollment and activities. Schools may, but are under no obligation to, provide designated status (such as English language learner status) information, student record information (such as attendance), and student demographic information.
  2. As students participate in the Summit Learning Program, they complete assignments, take tests (content assessments), and create academic goals—all of which are stored through the Summit Learning Platform (or with trusted service providers).
  3. Communications with teachers and mentors, information related to college preparation (such as essays and letters of recommendation), reflections on academic progress and other self-assessments and anonymous survey responses submitted to us are stored through the Summit Learning Platform.

For a detailed list of student information collected and used in the Summit Learning Platform, see our Data Privacy Addendum.

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