How do Summit Learning, teachers, and parents/guardians use personal information in the Platform?

Summit Learning only uses the personal information of students entered into the Platform for educational purposes. Student personal information is essential to deliver lessons and for teachers and parents/guardians to understand student performance. Through the Summit Learning Program, we seek to provide teachers with the information they need to personalize instruction and support students’ individual learning goals. Teachers can see which students are on track and which students are struggling. They can share feedback and resources—and design classroom activities to support all students. Summit Learning Program coaches can also work with school leaders to provide ongoing feedback and support to teachers.

In addition, parents/guardians can access information on the progress their child is making in real-time so that they don’t have to wait for a report card or progress report.

Summit Learning also uses information to better understand the needs of students, teachers, and parents/guardians, making adjustments and improvements to the overall Program as a result of those needs.

Please review our Privacy Policy for a full explanation of how we collect and use personal information.

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