How does the Summit Learning Program promote family engagement?

Families are essential partners with schools in helping students succeed, and the Summit Learning Program is designed to expand opportunities for engagement. Each student in the Summit Learning Program meets weekly with a dedicated mentor who provides feedback and individualized support across subjects. These mentors give families a single point of contact who can help advocate for their student and support learning goals.

The Summit Learning Platform also gives families an unprecedented window into their student’s education. When they log in, families/caregivers see the same dashboard that supports students to set goals and track their progress. They can also view current Projects, performance on Cognitive Skills and tests (Content Assessments), and progress toward individual goals—allowing them to support their student’s learning.

Schools can voluntarily choose to send text messages through the Summit Learning Platform to parents/guardians about their student’s progress at school. For example, if a student has an assignment due, the school could send a text message to families/caregivers encouraging them to ask their student about the assignment and/or engage with them about their progress. Families/caregivers can opt out at any time.

To learn how schools are engaging families in the Summit Learning Program, watch this video: Family Engagement in the Summit Learning Program.

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