How do I pick Projects using the Teacher Guide?

Note: If your school is widely using the Summit Learning Platform, you can create your own Projects. Learn more about creating and editing Projects.

If you're an individual teacher whose school isn't widely using the Summit Learning Platform, you can begin teaching personalized learning in your classroom by starting with a Project, instead of an entire course.

To get started with a Project:

  1. Under Teach a Project, click Pick Project.
  2. Select the Grade Level and relevant Course for your students, then click Next.
  3. Preview the Projects available in the curriculum for this grade level and course. You can click a Project's name to preview additional details.
  4. Once you identify the Project you'd like to teach, click Use Project.
  5. Pick a Start Date and an End Date, then click Save.
  6. You'll see a code to give your students. Copy or write down the code and instruct your students to enroll in your Project. If you need access to your code later, you can find it again by clicking on the Setup section from the menu on the left, then clicking Sections.

Once your students have the signup code, they can:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the code
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