Importing Parent/Guardian Information

You may want to consider importing contact information for all parents/guardians at once, rather than inputting parent/guardian information in the Summit Learning Platform for each student. By importing this information all at once, you can:

  • Allow parents to log in with their email addresses without having to create usernames
  • Allow parents who may have forgotten their account password to reset it themselves
  • Create two separate parent accounts for a student
  • Create one parent account for parents who may have more than one student enrolled at a school

To import parent/guardian information, you’ll need to contact us and submit a help ticket. In your help ticket, you’ll need to include a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.csv or .xls/.xlsx file formats) with the following information. We recommend including these columns:

  • Student Email (required)
    • If you’d like to create two separate parent accounts for a student, you’ll need to include two separate rows for this student, one for each parent
  • Parent Last Name (optional)
  • Parent First Name (optional)
  • Parent Email 
    • If you’d like to create one parent account for more than one student, you’ll need to list the same parent email address for each relevant student
  • Parent Username (optional, unless email address isn’t provided)
  • Parent Phone Number (optional)
  • Parent Phone Type: Cellular, Home, Work, Other (optional)
  • Parent Phone Number 2 [optional]
  • Parent Phone Type 2: Cellular, Home, Work, Other (optional)

If you have any parent information already inputted in the Summit Learning Platform, importing the spreadsheet, as described above, will overwrite any previous parent information.

Note: Please be careful to make sure that the student email address matches the corresponding parent email address and/or username. If these don’t match properly, parents may end up having access to other students’ information.

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