How do I import Parent/Guardian information?

To import parent/guardian information, you will need to:
Note: Please be careful to make sure that the student email address matches the corresponding parent email address and/or username. If the information does not match properly, parents may receive access to other students’ information.

  1. Create a copy of this template
  2. Fill in your parent information into your copy of the template
  3. Save your edited spreadsheet with parent information in CSV format
  4. Upload the file in our Data Uploads Page:
    1. Click Setup 
    2. On the next page, select Data Uploads
    3. Under Select Data Type, select Parent Info 
    4. Upload your file. If there are errors, update your CSV to fix the errors, and upload again. If you are unsure of how to resolve the error, please contact us.

Student Email, Parent First Name, and Parent Last Name are required. If you’d like to create two separate parent accounts for a student, you’ll need to include two separate rows for this student, one for each parent. 

Parent Email, Parent Cell Phone, and Preferred Language are optional. Adding this information will allow us to set up Parent Academic Alerts.

If you have existing parent information in the Summit Learning Platform, importing the file will overwrite any previous parent information for that parent's account.

After you've entered parent information into the Platform, parents will get an email to let them know an account was created for that email. They can sign into the Platform using the link from the email. They'll be able to edit the password after they've logged in. 

For parents/guardians without email addresses, admins can export the parent/guardian information to see all usernames and passwords. We suggest admins print this report out and give parents their usernames and passwords. 

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