How do I import Parent/Guardian information?

You may want to consider importing contact information for all parents/guardians at once, rather than inputting parent/guardian information in the Summit Learning Platform for each student. By importing this information all at once, you can:

  • Allow parents to log in with their email addresses without having to create usernames
  • Allow parents who may have forgotten their account password to reset it themselves
  • Create two separate parent accounts for a student
  • Create one parent account for parents who may have more than one student enrolled at a school

To import parent/guardian information, you will need to:

  1. Create a copy of this template
  2. Fill in your parent information into your copy of the template
  3. Save your edited spreadsheet with parent information in .csv or .xls/.xlsx file formats
  4. Submit a help ticket with your spreadsheet file attached

The template will ask you to fill in:

  • Student Email (required)
    • If you’d like to create two separate parent accounts for a student, you’ll need to include two separate rows for this student, one for each parent
  • Parent Last Name (required)
  • Parent First Name (required)
  • Parent Email 
    • If you’d like to create one parent account for more than one student, you’ll need to list the same parent email address for each relevant student
  • Parent Cell Phone (optional)*
    • Parents with multiple students and the same phone numbers must have an email address listed
  • Preferred Language*

*Parent Phone Number and Preferred Language will allow us to set up Parent Academic Alerts.

* The importer does not support adding parents of multiple students with the same email address. We ask that you manually add the parent to the student accounts manually.  

If you have any parent information already inputted in the Summit Learning Platform, importing the spreadsheet, as described above, will overwrite any previous parent information.

Note: Please be careful to make sure that the student email address matches the corresponding parent email address and/or username. If these don’t match properly, parents may end up having access to other students’ information.

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