Science Materials

Many of the science Projects in the Base Curriculum require additional materials for labs and interactive experiments that you will need to budget for and order.

What: Certain Projects have labs and interactive experiments that require additional materials. Once you've planned your Projects, use this list as a guide for what supplies to order. Use this spreadsheet to understand what materials you need to order. Materials needed for each Science Project can be found in the Base Curriculum itself. Click on any science Project and scroll to the “Supplies Needed” section.

When: You should not do this until you have finalized your Course Map for the 2016-17 school year, which will most likely be after Summer Training.

Note: The list of materials is a GUIDE. The lists of science materials are not that accurate. Some experiments are missing supplies, while others list too many (a teacher might decide not to perform all experiments in their classrooms). Quantities are best guesses. Teachers should not order supplies blindly.

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