Check your student's grades

Please take some time to dive into your student’s Summit Personalized Learning Platform and understand their current performance and pacing. You should look at the Grades tab of the tool to see if they have any Incompletes. It’s important for them to be on track to complete all of their projects and Focus Areas because it’ll get more difficult to catch up later in the year.   

You can see your student’s grades at any time through the tool, which provides you real-time access to your students’ performance and growth. Please take time to review your student’s grades and have a conversation with him/her about his/her progress. Log into the Parent platform and review:

  • Grades tab: How is your student’s performance on cognitive skills and completion of projects?
  • Grades tab: How is your student’s pacing of passing content assessments?
  • Goals tab: How do your student’s grades compare to the goals set in the Goals Meeting? How is your student progressing towards his/her goals and yearly plan?

If you have any questions, need your Parent login, or would like to discuss your student’s grades or goals, please reach out to your student’s mentor.

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