How can I support my child if they're off track or have incomplete grades?

As a parent/guardian, you may be wondering how you can support your child who may be off track or have incomplete grades on the Summit Learning Platform.

If your child is off track in passing Content Assessments for a course:

  • Ask your child to show you how and where they take notes to prepare for their Content Assessments. Students should work on note-taking and practice for Content Assessments outside of school.
  • Check if there are any Content Assessments your child has attempted but not passed in the Year section on the platform. If your student is attempting Content Assessments, but not passing them, encourage them to reach out to their teacher for additional support.

If your child has any incomplete, or overdue, Projects for a course:

  • Ask your child to show you the Project on the platform. Teachers typically mark which parts of the Project have been completed, so you should be able to get a better idea of the progress your student is making on the Project.
  • Encourage your child to reach out to their teacher and set up a check-in meeting during office hours.

If your child is on track:

  • Encourage your child to seek additional learning opportunities. They may work on challenge focus areas for a course, pursue independent study work, tutor peers, join a club, or take on a new extracurricular activity.
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