How do I Enable Teacher Document Sharing?

Note: This feature is currently only available for schools using Google Apps for Education on the Summit Learning Platform. We are unable to support document sharing for schools using Microsoft Office 365 at this time.

On the Summit Learning Platform, students complete some of their work in Google Sheets and Slides. By default, only the teacher who assigns the document and the student working on the document can access it. You may want other teachers to be able to see student work:

  • If mentors wish to check in with students on their work
  • If teachers are co-teaching a Project and both teachers need to access the documents

You'll need to update your Google Apps for Education account settings. Keep in mind that updating these account settings will not change document sharing permissions for Projects that teachers have already assigned. If teachers want to share past student work on Google Docs with other teachers, they'll need to share that work directly from the Student Work folder on Google Drive.

School Leaders

If you're a school leader, reach out to the person at your school who is the Google Apps for Education admin (ex: the person who set up your school's Google Apps for Education account). They'll need to follow the instructions below.

Google Admins

If you're the Google admin for your school:

  1. Log into your Google admin account to access the Admin console
  2. Click SecurityGoogle_Admin_dashboard.png
  3. Click App Access ControlApp_Access_Control.png
  4. Under Domain wide delegation, click Manage Domain Wide Delegationmanage_domain.png
  5. Click Add NewAdd_new.png
  6. Under Client ID, enter
  7. Under OAuth Scopes, enter
  8. Click Authorizeauthorize.png
  9. Reach back out to your school admin so that they can update your school's Google Apps for Education account domain for your setup checklist.

If you don't want to grant Summit Learning API access, you can create a google group that includes all teachers at your school. Email the name of the group to, and we'll setup document sharing so that all teachers in the google group see student documents. Note that your google admin will need to add teachers to this group as they are hired (this is automatic if you chose the API option).


Technical Information

Once you've updated these account settings, the Summit Learning Platform will use groups authorization to automatically create and manage Google Groups with teachers at your school. The platform creates a group with all teachers at a school, as well as a group for each platform section at that school containing the section's teacher(s). Every new document created on Google Docs will be shared, as specified by the appropriate document sharing settings defined in the platform:

  • Restricted sharing: A student's Google Docs will only be shared with teachers who teach the student in a section that uses the relevant Project
  • Site-wide sharing: A student's Google Docs will be shared with teachers at the school
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