Where can I see my child's long-term goals?

As a parent/guardian, you can see short-term, year-long and long-term goals that your child sets on the Summit Learning Platform. Students track their short-term, year-long and long-term goals, starting from daily action items all the way to which type of college they’d like to attend, in the Goals section. They select year-long goals at the beginning of the year and create plans to earn specific grades, improve Habits of Success and develop passions. Mentors often use this section to help students plan what actions they might need to take in order to reach their goals and to review progress toward their goals.

Under Long-Term Goals, your child indicates how they want to:

  • Earn specific grades
  • Improve in Habits of Success
  • Pursue passions

You’ll also see the type of college they’d like to attend listed under My College Goal.

Under Goals for This Year, your child determines their goals for the year with regards to their work on the Summit Learning Platform.

Under Action Items, your child sets a list of short-term goals (or action items) they must complete to reach their year-long goal. These may be daily, weekly, monthly, or longer.

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