Where can I see my child's academic goals?

As a parent/guardian, you can see short-term, year-long and long-term goals that your child sets in the Summit Learning Platform. You can see your student’s long-term goals when you are in the “College” section of the Platform—note that your school may not use this tool. To get to the College section, click on the left toolbar and then select the graduation cap. Once there, select the “Overview” box to view your student’s goals. If your student has not set long-term goals yet, you can click on the “Get Started” box with them to go through the process of setting long-term goals that will guide your student’s daily actions.

To achieve the long-term goals identified in the College tab, a student will need to set short-term goals for what they want to accomplish on a daily and weekly basis. You can view your student’s daily and weekly goals when you click on the left toolbar of the Platform and then select the “Week” tab. If your student has not set a daily or a weekly goal for each course in the Week tab, have them view their “year” page and then you can walk them through a check-in process to help them identify their weekly priorities and set authentic and rigorous goals in their “Week” tab.

Students who set short and long-term goals, have a strategy for meeting their goals, and then regularly reflecting on whether or not they achieved their goals and why so that they can strategy shift and go through the goal-setting process again are more motivated and purposeful in their daily academics.


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