How do I search for Content Assessment questions?

For any objective, you can search for and add Content Assessment questions that are already stored in the Base Curriculum’s Content Assessment item bank:


  1. Under the Questions section of an objective, click Add Question
  2. Enter the question keywords you’re searching for in the search bar. You can also filter by state standard or question type. Click Search
  3. When you find the Content Assessment question you’d like to include in your objective, click Add. You can search for, and add, multiple questions for each objective
  4. Click ✕ in the upper right corner when you’ve finished adding questions

Once you add a question, you can click on the question to indicate whether it should be an assessment question or diagnostic question. Learn more about Content Assessment questions and diagnostic questions.

In order to find answers to Assessment Mode questions, you can click Show Answers under the objective. 2023-05-26_at_09.05.png

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