Who has access to student data? What is the role of third parties?

Summit Public Schools (Summit) operates the Summit Learning Platform and puts strict limits on who can access student data. We only grant access if it's necessary to provide the Summit Learning Platform to schools and improve it over time. Here are specific situations:

  • Teachers who use the Summit Learning Platform in their classrooms have access to student data as part of day-to-day instruction. When enabled by Summit, school leaders may also have access to student data through administrator accounts. Students have access to their own data, as well as to some of their classmates' data in particular situations (ex: when necessary for group projects as directed by their teacher). Parents and legal guardians have access to their child's data.
  • The Summit Learning Platform syncs with a school's Clever account so that basic directory and scheduling information can be used to create teachers' classes in the platform. Clever uses industry-standard encryption.
  • Over the past few years, Summit partnered with a small team of engineers at Facebook to develop, implement and maintain the Summit Learning Platform. In the 2017-18 school year, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative will become Summit's long-term engineering partner on the Summit Learning Platform. The engineering team has access to data only as necessary to improve the platform, and each member of the engineering team goes through extensive privacy training and meets with the project lead who emphasizes the importance of protecting student data. Here is a Q&A blog post about privacy and security.
  • The Summit Learning Platform doesn't contain its own word processor, spreadsheet program, etc. So, it integrates with the school's existing Google Apps for Education accounts.

Summit Public Schools requires that these third parties comply with our privacy policy and employ reasonable and comprehensive data protection and security protocols to protect student data. 

The Summit Learning Platform contains no advertising and does not use student data for advertising of any kind. Summit does not and will not sell student personal information, and prohibits third parties from doing so.

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