Who has access to student data? What is the role of third parties?

Summit Public Schools (Summit) operates the Summit Learning Platform and puts strict limits on who can access student data. Summit has access only to the limited student information that the school shares with us, and Summit only uses that information to provide and improve the Summit Learning Platform. Examples of such improvements include:

  • Changing how teachers assign Projects to make it easier;
  • Removing questions from tests and resources from playlists that are not high quality;
  • Adding new features that support students in learning how to use the Platform effectively.

We also require all third-party providers to comply with our privacy and data security policies, ensuring that our partners have the same protections in place as we do.  

Here are specific situations where third parties have access to limited information in service of the Platform;

  • Teachers who use the Summit Learning Platform in their classrooms have access to student data as part of day-to-day instruction. School leaders may also have access to student data through administrator accounts, when enabled by Summit. Students have access to their own data, and parents and legal guardians have access to their child's data.
  • The Summit Learning Platform syncs with a school's Clever account so that basic directory and scheduling information can be used to create teachers' classes in the platform.
  • Summit partners with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to provide engineering support for the Summit Learning Platform. The engineering team has access to data only as necessary to improve the Platform, and each member of the engineering team goes through privacy training emphasizing the importance of protecting student data. Summit also subscribes to the Future of Privacy Forum's Student Privacy Pledge, which means that Summit actively promises and ensures that anyone working on the Summit Learning Platform adheres in accordance to the Pledge principles of handling student data.
  • The Summit Learning Platform integrates with a school's Google Apps for Education account to provide students with access to a word processor, spreadsheets, slides, and other productivity tools that the Platform does not provide.

The Summit Learning Platform contains no advertising and does not use student data for advertising of any kind. Summit does not and will not sell student personal information, and prohibits third parties from doing so.

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