How do I add Final Products to Projects?

You will assess students' Cognitive Skills on Final Products. Final Products are assigned to students when you assign the Project, and can't be assigned at a later date. By assigning Final Products at the same time as the Project, students should be able to understand expectations for Final Products when they begin working on Projects.

To add a Final Product to a Project:

  1. From the Project page, click Edit Project
  2. Click Final Product, then click ic_add_circle_black_24dp_2x.png Add Final Product
  3. Enter the title and any details for the Final Product. You can specify whether students can submit a draft for feedback
  4. Indicate whether students will submit a document, Web link (ex: websites, videos), or Nothing
  5. If students will submit a document, you'll need to indicate whether students will be given a blank Notebook, Google presentation, or Google spreadsheet, or if you'll be providing a custom template. If you provide a custom template, students will receive their own copy of the template to submit via the Summit Learning Platform. You can choose a Google Doc from your Google Drive, which will be converted automatically into a Notebook.
  6. Select which Cognitive Skills you'd like to assess in this Final Product. You can add descriptions for the Cognitive Skills
  7. Add any teaching materials you'd like other teachers to be able to view
  8. Click Save
  9. Click Save and Close to finish editing the Project
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