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I can't log in.
How can I give useful feedback to the Summit Learning team?
I’m not sure where to access student data.
I have a new student in my course, and I want to enroll him/her in my section.
I have a question about using Google Drive and Google Docs.
I have a question about Content Assessments.
I have a question about courses.
I have a question about focus areas.
I have a question about Projects.
Why do focus appear mastered when students haven't taken a Content Assessment?


I can’t log in.

Do you see this error message when you try to log in?

If so, you’re probably logged into a Gmail account that's not your school email account. You have three options:

  1. Go to and log out of your other accounts on Gmail
  2. Open a private browsing window (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer), then log in to your school Gmail account on this private browsing window
  3. Designate one web browser for using the Summit Learning Platform with your school email account, while using another web browser for other email accounts

Can you not log in with Microsoft One Drive?

If so, an admin at your district needs to change your settings to allow sign in with One Drive.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in as an admin for your school’s Office site
  3. Click on “Integrated Apps”
  4. For the setting that says “Let people in your organization decide whether third-party apps can access their Office 365 information”, make sure it is ON
  5. If it was not ON, then please switch it to ON and then click Save

You should now be able to log in to with OneDrive. Try it out!




How can I give useful feedback to the Summit Learning team?

We can’t overemphasize how much we value hearing from you. If you experience a problem while using the Summit Learning Platform, send us a request. Please provide your email address and, if possible, links and screenshots related to the problem. We believe that all feedback is useful feedback!





I’m not sure where to access student data.

One of the easiest ways to view student data is to click on a grade level group from the menu on the left. From there, you can click on a particular student to have a focused view of his/her progress. You can also take a look at:

  • The Courses with <70% cog skill avg column: View each student’s cog skill scores across courses
  • The Focus area progress column: View each student’s focus area completion across courses





I have a new student in my course, and I want to enroll him/her in my section.

Click Setup from the menu on the left, then click Sections. Under Signup Code, click Get Code to generate an enrollment code for your new student. Your student will have to go to and enter the code. Learn more about enrolling new students.





I have a question about using Google Drive and Google Docs:

I’m having trouble accessing and/or uploading Google Docs.

You may see a message along these lines:

This means that you haven’t set up the necessary Google Drive sharing settings. You can either change the sharing settings for an individual document, or you can look into having a system administrator at your school district to enable sharing for, or whitelist, the Summit Learning Platform domain.

I can't upload Google Docs to Projects. Instead, I get a red banner that says, "Google is unable to upload your doc at this time".

Your school may not be sharing your Google Apps for Education account with, the Summit Learning Platform domain. Someone at your school with an admin account will need to whitelist the domain in your Google Apps for Education so that the Summit Learning Platform can copy the files you create. Learn more about whitelisting domains in Google Apps for Education.

I want to edit a Project document, but it says "View Only".

We want to ensure that the Base Curriculum stays consistent and that multiple people can't make edits to the original curriculum (which would influence the work that other teachers may be doing with the same curriculum). If you'd like to edit a project document, you can make your own copy of the document by clicking File > Make a Copy. Once you have your own copy, you can edit and upload it to the Project.

I can’t access student work on Google Drive.

If you are a co-teacher, long-term sub, or otherwise need access to student work in a specific course, you can reach out to the teacher who teaches the course and asks to share their student work folder with you in Google Drive. Once they share the folder with you, you should be able to see student work.

How do I attach multiple Google Docs to an activity?

You can either divide the activity into a few different parts (ex: one part for each document), or you can upload a folder of documents to the activity.

My student submitted his/her Final Product. Can I lock the Google Doc to prevent further changes?

Unfortunately, you can't lock the document, even after your student has submitted his/her Final Product. However, you can check the revision history of the document by clicking File > See Revision History to check and remain aware of any changes made after submission.

Can parents see student work on Google Docs?

Parents can view and/or comment on their students' Google Docs if students adjust their Google Drive sharing settings to allow their parents to view and/or comment on their work.

When I open a google doc in the Summit Learning Platform, it appears blank. What should I do?

Make sure that you're logged into your Google account. You can check if you're logged in by opening your Google Doc in a new browser tab.






I have a question about Content Assessments:

Why can’t my students see the Content Assessment I created?

Content Assessments can only be seen by students if they have 10 questions. Try editing your Content Assessment to have the right number of questions.

I can't change assessment question types.

We try to maintain the integrity of Content Assessment questions for all students who may have answered them. Changing the question type could compromise that integrity. If you need to change the question type for an assessment question, you can create a new question, then copy content over from the original question.

I accidentally invalidated a Content Assessment. Can I undo this?

Unfortunately, you can't undo this. Instead, you'll have to have your student retake the assessment.





I have a question about courses:

I want to share a course I created with another teacher.

Copy the link to your course from your web browser and send it to your colleague. At this point, he/she will be able to copy the course into his/her own curriculum.

This course question seems incorrect, and the link isn't going where it's supposed to.

Oops, that’s our bad! Send us a request letting us know where you see the problem.





I have a question about focus areas:

Do I have the option to use the same question for more than one focus area?

Yes, you can copy a focus area question to other focus areas. You can find and search for focus area questions by clicking Add Question on any objective for any focus area. You can also copy entire objectives to other focus areas. Click ic_mode_edit_black_24dp_2x.png in the top right corner of the objective you're looking to copy, select a new focus area, and choose the option to Copy. Learn more about copying or moving an objective to a different focus area.

How can I copy focus areas for a modified course?

On a focus area page, click Edit Focus Area, then click Copy in the lower left corner. Select the course you want for the focus area.

Will copying a focus area and then making edits to it affect other teachers?

Yes, copying a focus area and then making edits to it affects other teachers' copies of the focus area. The best way to make edits to a focus area is to create a new focus area and copy over the objectives you need.





I have a question about Projects:

How do I exempt students from Projects?

From the Project page, click Assign Project. If you teach multiple sections, specify the section with the student(s) you'd like to exempt from the Project. Click ⋮ to the right of the student's name. Click Exempt from Project, then click Next: Assign Checkpoints, then Save. Learn more about exempting students from Projects.

How do I score Projects?

From the Project page, select the Final Product. On the right, click Progress under Overview, then click on a student's name. Click Score Project.

If you'd like to score Projects for multiple students at once, select the Final Product from the Project page. On the right, click Progress under Overview, then click on any student's name. At the top of the window, click the arrow to the right of the student's name, then click All Students. From this list of students, you can click Score Project to score Projects for as many students as you need.

I made an edit to a checkpoint. Why can’t my students see the updates?

We've made some changes! Your students should now be able to see the edits that you've made, but they'll still need to copy any work they've done in the old Google Doc to your updated version. Learn more about editing Projects after assignment.

Why is a checkpoint not appearing for my students?

The most common reason why checkpoints sometimes don't appear for students is that the wrong kind of document type (ex: nothing) was created when the checkpoint was created. On the Project page, click Edit Project, then click Checkpoints under Project Plan. Find your checkpoint and make sure that the right document type has been selected, then click Save and Close. From the Project page, click Assign Project, unassign your students from the project, then click Save. At this point, you should re-assign the Project by clicking Assign Project.

If I unassign, then re-assign a project, will my students lose their work?

If you unassign a part of a project, the student work for that part will no longer appear in the Summit Learning Platform. However, the work will still exist in your students' Google Drives, so your students will be able to copy/paste their work into a new Google Doc, if necessary.

Why is my video link not working?

Click ic_mode_edit_black_24dp_2x.png to the right of a video resource. Scroll down to the Paste URL section to determine if the resource is a website or a video. If the option for Website is selected, the link will redirect to the video found on that website.

There may be another issue with your video link. Check to make sure that the original link is still working!


Why do focus areas appear mastered when students haven't taken a Content Assessment?

Every year, we do a large overhaul of our Curriculum. Part of that overhaul involves moving focus areas around. The impact of that is a student could see a focus area this year that she passed last year. Since the student did master the focus area at one point in time, it appears mastered on the platform.

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