How do I incorporate Summit Learning curriculum updates to my Focus Areas?

The Summit Content Team continuously develops and maintains the Summit Learning Base Content and Curriculum. Users can choose to accept or reject these changes.

  1. Select a Focus Area to check whether it has any updates. If it does, it will say Review Updates in the upper right corner
  2. Under the Review Changes section on the right, there will be a summary of what has been updated. Look through the focus area to view the specific changes
  3. Click Accept All or Ignore All

  • You must choose to Accept All or Ignore All changes. You won’t have the option of accepting only a few selected changes
  • By selecting Review Later, you can choose to accept or ignore curriculum updates at a later time

Note: If Summit makes updates to the curriculum after you’ve edited the same section in your copy of the curriculum, your changes may be overwritten. The changes will be flagged with an "Edited" marker.

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