How do I use my setup checklist?

Your setup checklist provides you with a list of things that need to happen before school starts. You’ll want to make sure you’ve completed all of the things listed by their respective deadlines so that you can start using the Summit Learning Platform.

At the top of the checklist, you can filter the checklist for items that are specifically assigned to you, as well as items that fall into specific categories (ex: platform, technology, section setup, legal, curriculum, summer training, school support, miscellaneous). Each item will be assigned to someone at your school, who will be designated the owner for that item. Each item will also have a due date listed.

The setup checklist is divided into the following sections: 

  • Progress: Shows a color-coded and visual overview of what you need to finish this week, what you need to start now, what’s coming up, and what’s completed
  • Finish This Week: Lists items that are due this week, or already overdue
  • Start Now: Lists items that are due soon, or will take a long time to complete
  • Coming Up: Lists items that aren’t yet due, and will need to be completed in the future
  • Completed: Lists items that have been completed

For each item, you’ll find a basic description, as well as some additional resources and links that should help you complete it. If you need additional support to complete an item, click ic_email_black_24dp_2x.png to contact us or schedule a call.

When you’ve completed an item on the checklist, check the box to the left of the item. It’ll automatically move to the Completed section of the checklist.

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