Invalidating Content Assessments

Teachers can invalidate a Content Assessment that a student has already completed. 

Invalidate from the Assessments tab

  1. From the course page, or from the student's grade level page, click Assessments
  2. In the Activity section, you'll see a list of students who have finished taking their assessments under Completed.option_to_invalidate_an_assessment.png
  3. Click Invalidate, then select your reason for invalidating the assessment.
  4. Click Invalidate to confirm your selection.

A student whose assessment has been invalidated will still appear under Completed, but their assessment will be marked as Invalidated. Keep in mind that an invalidated assessment can't be revalidated. If you inadvertently invalidate a Content Assessment, a student will need to take the Content Assessment again.

Invalidate from Student Progress Views

If the Content Assessment no longer appears on the Assessments page, you can still invalidate assessments. 

  1. Click Student Progress on the left menu.
  2. Select the correct grade level from the index page.
  3. Click into the Power Focus Area progress column.


  4. Click into the Course column.


  5. Click into the column for the Focus Area that you want to invalidate.


  6. Next to your student's name, click See All Attempts.
  7. Click Invalidate.


You can also follow the above steps from the Students tab on the course page.

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